Where You bELONg Admitted Student Events Near You

March 15th has come and gone. So has March 18th. If your application was part of the Regular Deadline pool, you know what I’m talking about. Four campus snow days, two ice storms and prolonged power outages made for a long winter. So much so that we had to move our decision release date back three days just to make sure we were ready.  

If you have been accepted to Elon for fall or spring, congratulations!

If you have been offered a place in the wait list pool, don’t be too discouraged. We have admitted students from the wait list nearly every year over the last decade.  It’s too early to tell if we will do so again this year but hearing from many of you is helpful as we assess the class size in the weeks to come. Wait list does NOT mean we don’t want you at Elon. With a pool of 10,405 applicants for 1450 seats in the class, we simply could not admit all the students we would like. Hang in there. Many great Elon students were admitted from the wait list.

Those of you who received good news in the mail recently may be wondering what’s next. We know that you’ll have several great options but the admissions committee believes Elon is right for you and you are right for Elon!  So what should you do now?

You can read my blog post from last year entitled “You’ve been accepted, now what?” or you can keep reading….

Thanks to the generosity of Elon parents, we have scheduled 15 Where You bELONg Admitted Student programs around the country.  More often than not, these are held in homes of currently enrolled Elon students. Families love Elon (and our retention rates demonstrate that). So, they have volunteered to host accepted students for an evening designed for you to meet other accepted students (ED, EA or RD) and other members of the Elon family. All accepted students were sent an e-mail invitation recently and the dates and locations are at the web site. Admissions counselors for each region will also attend to answer any questions you have. But let’s be honest, the main reason you’ll want to attend a Where You bELONg program is to meet other students who are serious about Elon. I’m headed to St. Louis for a program on the 9th and hope to see many of our STL admits there!

If the date for the program closest to you doesn’t work, we hope you’ll return to campus in April for one of our many accepted student programs. Take your pick!

Oh yes. You will want to pay your enrollment deposit sooner than later. This reserves your seat in the class and puts you in the queue for campus housing. Unless you were admitted under Early Decision, the deposit is fully refundable until May 1st, the national reply date.

Speaking of May 1st, it is just six weeks away. We look forward to seeing you in your hometown or on campus between now and then. And welcoming you to campus on August 22nd.


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