You’ve been accepted. Now what?

Happy 2014! Somehow we are more than half way through the month of January.

Time goes quickly when we’re busy. And from watching my sophomore son study for exams, I know how busy January can be for high school students. The good news is, depending on where you live, the semester is over – or just about over – and that means the spring of your senior year has arrived.

If your application to Elon was deferred in Early Decision or Early Action, we look forward to re-evaluating it with senior year grades. As you well know, it may be helpful to stay in touch with your admissions counselor so we know your interest in Elon remains strong. That’s what “demonstrated interest” is all about! Hang in there. March 15th will be here before we know it.

For those of you who received the “big envelope” and t-shirt, congratulations again on your admission. We’d love to have you at Elon in the fall. So, the good news arrived, the holidays passed and you may be wondering what to do next. Let me recommend a few things:

1) Pay your enrollment deposit. While it is not due until May 1, the Early Action deposit is completely refundable until that date and housing assignments are made by the date your deposit is received. This means the sooner your deposit arrives, the more likely you are to receive one of your preferences for the residential neighborhood where you’d most like to live as a first-year student. Of course, when a large number of students want a particular neighborhood, we can’t house everyone there. That’s another reason to pay your deposit as soon as you are ready.

2) Return to campus. You won’t believe how amazing the Elon campus is in the spring. While we host visitors Monday through Friday and most Saturday mornings, we have special events just for accepted students. On February 21 and April 11 we will host Phoenix Friday. Whether you’ve paid your deposit or not, this is a great opportunity to take a closer look at all the university has to offer. Whether or not you attend Phoenix Friday, you don’t want to miss Rising Phoenix Weekend on either March 14 & 15 or April 25 & 26. This program serves as Elon’s orientation program. Please note, unlike Phoenix Friday, registration and attendance at Rising Phoenix Weekend requires payment of your enrollment deposit in advance. Visit for details and registration.

3) Attend an event in your area in March or April. Parents Council members and other Elon families will once again host accepted and deposited students and families later this spring once Regular Deadline admissions decisions have been released. Invitations are forthcoming!

In short, there are many opportunities to return to Elon in the months to come. There will be others as well and I’ll update you as soon as registration is available on line. If you decide to visit again during your spring break, please be aware that Elon’s Spring Break runs March 21 – 31. The admissions office is open all week but it will be quiet on campus without our currently enrolled students.

Regardless of when you visit, I hope to meet you personally. And I’d love it if you told me you read my blog!


4 responses to “You’ve been accepted. Now what?

  1. Can’t like this without logging into WordPress, but as a parent of a ED student, wanted to tell you that I “like” it!

  2. Very helpful! Thank you so much!
    — parent of admitted student

  3. That’s a question I asked myself when I received her admission approval. Thank you very much for this helpful article.

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