The Phone Call Mystery

In the age of social media, news travels fast. When we decided to make some phone calls last evening, Twitter and Facebook lit up! Over the last couple of years I’ve learned that some have wondered who gets a call and who doesn’t. In fact, we like to call ED students since often we have gotten to know you really well given your high level of interest in Elon. When the calls are to accepted students, they are especially fun. We also call deferred and declined students on occasion – particularly when they have an existing connection to the university. These are harder because we hear the disappointment in your voices. Still, our work truly is relationship oriented on many levels and we feel a responsibility to convey news as adroitly as possible.

On the eve of Early Action release, why did some students receive a call and others didn’t? Let me be clear. Just because we may not be able to call you doesn’t mean the news is bad. In fact, we probably called less than 1% of our 6224 Early Action applicants last night. Believe me, we want to make more calls but the time between decisions being final and our release is limited. In most cases, the students who received a phone call have an existing relationship to the university. So, hang in there until midnight eastern time tonight. We cannot give you your admissions decision over the telephone today. Thanks for your understanding, your patience and most of all, your interest in Elon!


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