Decisions Decisions

Early Action committee review is complete and we are preparing for our December 21st release. If not for the renovations to the first floor of our building, I might actually hear the sighs relief. The team has rallied and, what are typically the most challenging weeks of the year for us will soon result in our posting decisions for 6224 Early Action applicants. In short, you are impressive. I can’t help but take note of this especially since I have two teenagers of my own now!

Let me provide some context. We were fortunate to have another stellar pool of candidates to consider for admission in the “early rounds” this year. Early Decision (released on December 1) was up 18% this year over last. Early Action, which grew exponentially last year, was essentially on par with a year ago. In other words, nearly 70% of our anticipated 10,000 applicants have already applied. Not to worry though, we expect a strong Final Deadline pool so if you have not already submitted an application, I hope you will do so by January 10.

It’s always a team effort and, with several new people in key positions within the department, I’m gratified by the high level of efficiency with which our work has again been carried this year. We traveled far and wide and our growth on the west coast is exciting. We brought Elon to Phoenix, Albuquerque and Wichita this year. I got to St. Louis twice this fall which, to know me is to know is never enough. I also had the true pleasure of meeting hundreds of interested students at Evening with Elon programs in Boston, Hartford and, thanks to the generosity of some Parents Council members, Greenwich. All in all, it was a great fall.

We will admit 51% of this year’s EA pool. The average recalculated core GPA for admitted students is 4.27 with an SAT average of 1960 or ACT of 28. You all have traveled near and far, have demonstrated an impressive desire to serve others and have excelled on the field and the stage. With a pool as large as Early Action, there are highly qualified students we couldn’t admit. That’s why “reading season” is so hard. We’re the admissions staff so our goal is to admit students. Selectivity is typically not a function of your inability to be successful here. It’s merely a function of a limited number of seats in the class. Our review is holistic which means we take both your academic and personal characteristics into consideration.

We’ll post decisions via OnTrack at midnight Friday morning, December 21st. The university, including admissions and financial planning, will reopen on Monday, December 31st for one day and then we’ll be back on the road for Evening with Elon programs in the mid-Atlantic in early January. You can register for these at

If you’ve read even one of my previous posts, you know I can’t blog without thanking you for your interest in my amazing alma mater. You are the reason we do what we do. It’s an absolute privilege to help create the future of Elon University. At this season of the year I am reminded of all things for which I have to be grateful. Being a part of Elon, working with an incredible faculty and staff and getting to know many of you are chief among them.

Happy Holidays.


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