Fellows Decisions Explained

It’s been a few weeks since we released invitations to Fellows and Scholarship Weekend.   Since that time, we’ve responded to countless inquiries about the selection process and why many very high achieving students were not selected to compete on March 2nd and 3rd.   Let me provide some all-important context that may prove helpful.

In short, Fellows are the value-added programs at Elon.  In the schools (Elon College, Business, Communications and Education) they are the honors programs.   Students must know they wish to study one of the majors within a given school in order to apply to a specific Fellows program.   For high achieving students with a variety of interests, Elon offers an outstanding Honors Fellows program.   For the student leader we especially seek to enroll, we offer the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows program.   Our newest program is for international students so it is aptly named International Fellows.

Each Fellows program, requires a separate application that was due January 10.  This is  the date by which students interested in Engineering Scholarships had to apply as well.   This year, we received a record 1664 Fellows and Engineering Scholarship applications!   There are 205 Fellows in a first year class of 1400 and two scholarships for engineering majors.   The number of opportunities, along with the volume of applications makes the process highly selective.

As you know, Elon students are very bright.   Naturally then, the brightest students apply to be Fellows.   Fifty four percent of the Fellows applicant pool was invited to Fellows Weekend.  The average combined GPA was 4.57 with a 2046 SAT (32 ACT).

Some may question these statistics because either their GPA or standardized test score is above a statistic listed above.  Keep in mind that the programs receive varying number of applications.   The Honors Fellows for example, received 1028 applications alone!

The hardest thing we do is say “no” to students.  Remember, we’re the admissions office.  We like to admit students to the university and to the Fellows programs.  Each year, many students not selected for a Fellows interview enroll at Elon.  The education across the board is superior whether you are a Fellow or not.

We anticipate well over 600 students on campus on March 2nd and 3rd.  It’s a huge weekend for everyone involved.   Each year, students arrive nervous because they don’t know what to expect.   When I run into them 36 hours later, they’re leaving campus with a smile on their face and the confidence that they will contribute to this community regardless of whether or not they become a Fellow.

Before April 1, we will release Fellows and scholarship offers via On Track, e-mail and letter.   Each program offers significant benefits and a $1000 Elon Experiences grant.   Additionally, each offers varying amounts of scholarship money.  Be sure to visit http://www.elon.edu/e-web/admissions/Fellows/ for all the details.

We have great things in store for March 2nd and 3rd.  If you’ve been selected to interview, only a few days remain for you to register.   We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus again very soon!


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