Do You Work in the Summer?

No folks, I did not fall off the face of the Earth.  I can imagine it seems that way and I’m committed to far more regular postings in the future.  

It’s summer.    Back in the day (only a few years ago) summer – and particularly the months of June and July – felt like “down time”.   That’s not the case any more.   Don’t get me wrong, when people I see outside of the Elon community ask “do you work in the summer?” I respond immediately that I very much do.  In fact, we are constantly working on enrolling future classes.   

So what exactly does a university admissions office do during the summer months?   Well, the Elon staff is as busy as ever.  We had our annual undergraduate retreat June 8-10 at 7 Lakes just outside Southern Pines, NC.   This three day event was full of discussion and planning related to our departmental goals and objectives for the coming year.  Among them, implementing our new Elon Engagement scholarships.   We also discussed in great detail Elon’s new Gap Semester Program – a fantastic new opportunity for students planning to attend Elon but who wish to begin in a less traditional way.   We received a report from the Senior Staff retreat which preceded our retreat by about a week.  In addition, we talked about shifts in what we call our Hospitality programs which are generally held in January.   In between a lot of work we also had time to play games, eat (a lot) and even see a movie.   I’m incredibly blessed to work with extremely bright, conscientious and  motivated people so there was no shortage of conversation, ideas and fun.  We even played “Family Feud” as a way to make sure we knew one another’s specific responsibilities in the office.

Since our return to campus we’ve been busy retooling our communications matrix, advancing retreat conversations, hiring new staff and hosting dozens of families daily.  Many of these students will become members of the Elon Family come the fall of 2012.

Just this week we released the wait list.   We also offered Spring Admission to many of the students for whom we could not offer a seat in the fall 2011 class. 

So you see, we do work in the summer – quite a bit.   But we all find time for well deserved vacations.    There are truly four seasons in the Elon admissions office.  Summer is a time for strategic planning – all of which will make for a successful recruitment cycle during the coming academic year.

Happy summer to all!


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