Snow, School and Applications


Happy 2011 everyone!

Elon is actually closed today due to inclement weather.   The new year is off to an interesting start here in NC.  As of this morning, we are experiencing our fifth “snow event” of the season. As a NJ native but long time resident of NC, I’m going to call it. This is unbelievable!

The storm started in the South so many schools were closed yesterday. The forecast for the mid Atlantic and Northeast isn’t too good in the short term. With such unpredictability, we’re offering a 48 hour grace period for students to submit a Final Deadline application.   As usual, we received a lot overnight – but in case you were out of school yesterday and were planning on finishing up your Elon application, you have until midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, January 12th to have your application included in the Final Deadline program.    As is customary, applications received after the close of Final Deadline will be considered on a space available basis.

I’ll admit that I hesitate to share the news of our weather.  I know that a large number of students apply to Elon because of our location.   Let me be clear.    North Carolina has four beautiful seasons.    Our summers are long and hot.   Winter is generally short and temperate.   Fall is beautiful and long (students often wear shorts and flip flops into December) and spring is absolutely breathtaking.   It’s what we live for in NC.    How much snow have we had this winter?   Well, by NC standards, our total of five inches seems like a lot.   For those of you from Boston or up-state New York, you’ll find it amusing that we even refer to this as “bad weather”.

So take an extra day and feel free to submit your admissions application.    If we can be helpful, be sure to call or e-mail the office.     We’re looking forward to hearing from you and continuing to read applications in advance of our March 15th release.


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