December Madness

The Early Action deadline has come and gone and tonight at midnight we will post our ED decisions.   Many staff members in our office spent the Thanksgiving weekend giving thanks for our blessings – including another outstanding and large EA applicant pool.    In fact, as soon as my family’s pumpkin pie was eaten, the dining room table became a work space to read applications (but not until Friday).

The admissions process at a selective university is wonderfully cyclical.   It’s very much like enjoying the seasonal changes I love so much living in NC.   Generally speaking, it’s a very busy environment in which to work.    I’d say our busiest season(s) run from travel (fall) to application review (winter) to yield in the spring.    However, the three week period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is without doubt, our very busiest of the year.    Over this time we process and read 5400 Early Action applications while releasing ED.  

Most of the admissions committee members are out of the office reading for a final week this week.  If you have called to speak with someone or sent an e-mail, let me thank you in advance for your patience.   We do our very best to be as responsive as possible because everything we do is an absolute priorty for us.    We go to Committee review next week so hang in there! 

I know that if you applied EA to Elon it feels like December 20 will never arrive.    Trust me, it will – sooner than we think.      A stack of files awaits me on my desk so I will close for now.    Let me once again thank you for your interest in Elon.   I love knowing you have discovered what a special place this community truly is.


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