Early Action Deadline Extended

Yes, it’s true. Hopefully you saw it on the web as well as our Facebook page. Maybe you follow the office on Twitter and received the news in a Tweet. However you heard it, I hope it’s helpful.

Why extend it? Last year, November 10 fell on a Tuesday. We found that because it was earlier in the week (even if only by a day) most EA candidates applied over the weekend. This year, that was not the case. Having a deadline is stressful for any of us. Naturally, college-bound high school students are some of the busiest people out there – and that creates stress for them – and for us.

When we received exactly 900 applications in one night earlier this week, it became obvious that we all could take advantage of the school holiday that is Veteran’s Day.

I hope we posted it early enough so many of you could benefit. Perhaps your day off was spent on college applications. If it was, I imagine it was helpful to have more time. At least 50 applications were submitted during the day today and I imagine we’ll see many more submissions tonight.   In fact, it’s been extended until midnight tomorrow night to allow more time to work on your essays.

Let me say a word about our new Think Fast section.   We’ve received several e-mail messages from students inquiring about what we want to see.   These are new this year so we have few expectations!   We added these because we thought this would be a fun way to get to know you.   As I explained to one student who e-mailed me, try not to over think your response.   These are new to you and they are to us, too!   Remember, we’re looking for two sentence responses (though there are no penalties for three!)

The committee is hard at work reading Early Decision applications and our Records staff is busy preparing Early Action applications for later this month.

As always, we’re excited to have a large number of students so highly interested in Elon.   Thank you for applying – whether you already have – or choose to use the extra 48 hours to put the finishing touches on your application.


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