Change of Seasons

Fall travel is nearly complete. Most of our staff will be back on campus tomorrow morning for our first of two fall Open House programs. We’ve literally been all over the world. In fact, one staff member remains in South America for another few days bringing Elon to students in Brazil.   I spent some time visiting high schools in Paris, London and Brussels last month and the response was fantastic!

As the weather finally cools and travel comes to an end, our attention turns to reading the nearly 2000 applications we have in house. With the Early Decision deadline of next Monday (November 1)  and Early Action following on November 10, the next two weeks will be busy – and we are ready for it!

We’ve hosted receptions in CA and MA, done college fairs in at least 30 states and presented on Elon in probably 1000 high schools the world over – all since the end of August!

What’s ahead?  Well, in support of Elon’s commitment to sustainability, there will be a whole lot less paper in our office this year.   We began scanning all documents a couple of years ago and our Early Decision and Final Deadline files will be read electronically.    Early Action applications will still be placed in paper files.   The expected volume and turn around time is such that we need to ease our way into on line reading with what is historically the smaller two of the three applicant pools.

It was never my intention to avoid my blog while traveling.   Though admittedly, the pace is such that it makes writing entries a bit challenging.   Our newly designed information session for campus visitors refers to the many ways students can connect with our office.   Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and multiple blogs.   Our research indicates that students find these resources particularly helpful once they are deeper into the admissions process.   Perhaps that’s why no one raises their hand when I ask who is following us on Twitter or “friending” us on Facebook!  

That said, I DID receive some “fan mail” this week from a reader asking if I intended to maintain my blog for another year.    I want to thank everyone for reading and especially offer my gratitude to the reader who inquired!    I’m back and ready to offer more than a glimpse into the world of college admissions throughout the coming year.   My goal is to convert some of my entries to Vlog entries.   We’ll see.

We’re expecting over 700 people tomorrow for Open House.   We have some new programming as well so I’m looking forward to meeting many students who will ultimately join me as Elon alumni come 2015.


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