May 1. Now What?

Today’s the day. Presumably, the anxiety is behind you and you have chosen where you will attend college in the fall.  Of course, I hope it’s Elon!  We anticipate 1350 freshman students and 75 transfers to arrive on the last Friday in August. It’s been a long and exciting year. The last six weeks have been full of admissions events. We’ve welcomed hundreds of members of the incoming class at our two Spring Orientation weekends and even met 300 excited high school juniors at Spring Open House. In conjunction with this event, we had a fantastic Multicultural Experience Weekend and even hosted four Phoenix Fridays for accepted students. If you attended one of these, I hope it was helpful in your decision making process.

And just last week, we started going to our wait list.  The remaining seats in the class are limited and we can’t admit everyone from the wait list pool.   But when we do, it makes for the best phone calls of the year!

During your Spring Break weeks we enjoyed having literally hundreds of families on campus every week for a first look at everything Elon has to offer. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our campus visit program – and in spite of it, we’re about to change just about every aspect!

That’s right. The Campus Visit team is hard at work on dramatic changes to the programming that goes into a first timers visit to campus. We’ll unroll it over the summer – and it’s going to be exciting. Personally, I can’t wait to take part in it – and for those who will visit this summer, you’ll experience the difference.

In another few weeks, people in the community (who don’t know me well) will ask “do you work in the summer?”    That’s always a funny question.  I suppose it’s a logical one as well.  The answer of course is a resounding “Yes!”    We’ll spend the month of May finalizing the class and head on our annual staff planning retreat in early June.  Along the way we’ll host three bus tours of high school/college counselors, re-evaluate our communications flow, update publications, welcome hundreds of families to campus, strategize for the coming year and, oh yes, try to take some vacation as well.

So today is May 1.   I know you are glad the admissions process is behind you.  We hope that we made it as student-friendly as possible.   And of course, I hope you’ve decided to join this amazing community.  You’ll be glad you did.  I promise.   We’re already anxious to greet you on Move In day in less than four months.  I’ve said it before.  Time flies.   You can be sure that summer will, too.   Enjoy – and thanks for reading all year!


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