Final Deadline Decisions

Reading Season is over.  And what a season it was!  We received 9,743 freshman applications this year – a record for the university.  I’ll say it again.  Thank you for your interest in Elon!

At midnight EST last evening, we posted our Final Deadline admissions decisions.  This pool of 6109 included all students who applied for the January 10th deadline plus Early Decision and Early Action students who were deferred last fall.  Overall, we were able to offer admission to 47% of the entire applicant pool this year, mirroring last year’s admit rate. 

The decision making process was challenging to say the least.   Once again, the applicant pool was extraordinarily strong.   The committee, comprised of a staff committed to students, invested an enormous amount of energy and time into selecting students for the class of 2014.  We are fully aware that we missed out on many great students who would very much like to attend Elon – and who still may be able to do so if we go to our wait list.  Generally speaking, we won’t know that until June or later.

This morning I’ve received a number of inquiries about decisions.   It’s important to note that each of our three pools is different in size and academic profile.   Hundreds of deferred students were admitted in Final Deadline and many others were offered a place on the Wait List.

Once again this year, Early Action was our largest and most competitive pool.    The profile of students in EA is generally strongest.  This made for a selective process back in November.  In Final Deadline, students competed for a limited number of remaining seats in the class making the process even more selective.

Students offered a place on the Wait List have the opportunity to tell us if they wish to be in the wait list pool.  It is not automatic.  Wait Listed students are admissible, but due to the anticipated size of the freshman class (1350), we cannot admit every student who meets the admission standard.  The decision to wait list is not personal.  In fact, these are the hardest decisions we make.  Whether we go to the wait list remains to be seen.   Personally, I love going to the wait list because the students who register for it are those who MOST want to attend Elon.  Those are great calls to make!

Now that our decisions are out, we are working on Fellows and Endowed Scholarship applications while the Office of Financial Planning is assembling financial aid packages.  Scholarship notification will occur by April 1 while aid packages will roll out on a continuous basis for accepted students beginning later this month.

Staff members, including myself, will be in your area this spring to meet and talk with accepted, wait listed and prospective students at college fairs, high school visits and receptions.  

On behalf of the admissions committee, thank you for your enthusiasm for Elon University and respecting the challenges associated with our work.


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