Final Deadlines: Admission and Fellows

One of my favorite things about admissions is the cyclical nature of our work.    We often work 18 months in advance which means I could have told you last September when our Junior Open House will be held in 2011!   In spite of the cycles, our work is very unpredictable.  This makes for a very energizing work life!

If I didn’t have a calendar, I’d certainly know it was early January because of the volume of admissions and Fellows applications we’ve received since the holiday break.   While we are still uploading, our FD applicant pool, including Early Decision and Early Action deferrals, is approximately 6000!    Of course, Fellows Academic and Scholarship Program applications were also due on January 10.    As of this morning, it appears this number will be approximately 1400.

The Fellows programs at Elon essentially package the very best of everything Elon is known for.  Whether it’s the Honors, Elon College, Business, Communications, Teaching or Leadership Fellows program, all 192 freshman Fellows receive a one time $1000 study abroad grant and significant academic and extracurricular opportunities.  Many also receive scholarships ranging from $2500 – $10,000 annually!

While our Records staff is busy working on processing admissions applications, members of our Communications and Counseling teams are busy processing Fellows applications.   Let’s just call it another exceptionally busy time in the office!

If you have applied to one or more of the Fellows programs or are an Engineering scholarship candidate, you already know that selected candidates will be invited to Fellows and Scholarship Weekend, March 6 & 7.   Each Fellows program has a faculty committee and beginning next week, these committees will review all applications for their respective programs.  Approximately 50% of applicants will be invited to interview on campus that weekend.    Candidates who do not receive an invitation are not advanced in the process.    All Fellows invitations will be posted via On Track during the last week of January.  You will also receive an e-mail and invitation and schedule via mail.  Students must interview to be considered for a Fellows program or scholarship.  

All of this is straightforward if you were accepted via Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA).   But how does this work if you were deferred in ED or EA  or applied under our Final Deadline (FD) program?    Students who were deferred  or who applied FD and  are selected to interview for Fellows will also receive an invitation to Fellows Weekend on the same day later this month.   We’ll essentially fast forward a decision on your application so you have it in late January.   

People frequently ask me when are we busiest in admissions.   I think it’s fair to say that time is now.  The best part of it all is our campus events that are fast approaching.  We are all looking forward to seeing you at Elon this spring!


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