Understanding Early Action Decisions

  In the years since Elon introduced Early Action (EA) for applicants, the program has grown considerably.  EA is historically our largest and most competitive applicant pool each year.  That is likely to be the case again this year.  It’s a bit early to be certain since our Final Deadline of January 10 has yet to arrive.

 Early Action this year at Elon grew by 8%.   On Friday afternoon we finalized 5617 decisions.  We’re both exhausted and exhilarated because you are truly an impressive group.  Wow!  You’re smart, passionate, enthusiastic and goal-oriented.  As a matter of fact, you’ll fit right in with our currently enrolled students! 

 Admission to Elon is competitive.    The majority of our applicants are within our academic profile.  The admissions staff labored over decisions.  We’d really like to admit every student who loves Elon so much.  But we can’t.  One of the reasons you decided to apply to Elon is the size.  Our work requires us to limit the number of offers of admission so we can maintain one of the key attributes of the university you find so appealing.

 On Friday, December 18, all decisions will be posted via On Track at midnight EST.    We have admitted 47% of the EA applicant pool.  A large number of very strong and talented students have been deferred for midyear grades.  This will allow you to strengthen what is already an outstanding profile while demonstrating your continued interest in attending Elon.   Deferred applications will be reevaluated following receipt of the requested academic information.  Your application has become part of the Final Deadline pool and we will release final decisions on March 15.

 Just 2% of this year’s EA pool remains incomplete.  Our records staff has once again done a superb job of processing information.  Given the volume of applications – and the short turnaround time – I am exceedingly proud of this high level of work.  Incomplete applications should be completed ASAP.  You can determine what is missing by checking On Track and using the log in information we provided via e-mail and letter shortly after your application arrived.  EA applications completed between now and January 10 will be notified of an admissions decision on March 15.

 We know you are excited and ask for your continued patience.  We cannot release decisions by phone so hang in there until midnight tomorrow.


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