Reading Season

Over the last two days, we have uploaded over 1500 Early Action applications!    The counseling staff is reading Early Decision files while the hardest working people in admissions process EA applications and prepare them for Committee.

Since the EA deadline is today, you can imagine the amount of mail we are receiving to complete the on line applications being submitted…

Generally speaking, applicants will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of uploading an application.  A letter will also be sent.   Both communications provide students with an On Track username and password so you, the applicant, can regularly check the status to see what has been received and keyed.  With so many apps coming in at one time, the staff is working as quickly and efficiently as possible to match mail and ensure completion of files. 

I know you are anxious (and I would be, too).  Still, in an effort to ensure the highest level of efficiency, we cannot stop to physically go through the mail to see if certain items have been received.

Thanks for your patience with us as we do the very best job possible to ensure everything has arrived.  Here’s my advice:

  • Log on to On Track as soon as you receive your username and password
  • Check On Track regularly so you can see the real time status of your application
  • DO NOT panic!  There is a short internal grace period that allows us time to assemble files
  • Check with your college/guidance counselor to make sure all items have been sent
  • Don’t call the office to ask if something has arrived.  We want to help but the best use of our time – for you – is to continue processing

Did you know our office is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.?  The evening shift focuses completely on applications and therefore does not answer the phone.  December 1st and December 18th are coming quickly.   “Crunch time” has arrived.    Thank you for applying to Elon!  And thanks for allowing us the time to do what is needed to ensure an appropriate admissions decision next month.


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