Thanks for your interest in Elon.  My blog is intended to offer some insights on my admissions work here at Elon over the last  17 years.  The university has changed a lot during that time but ultimately, it’s still the special place it has always been – an academic environment with a high level of rigor balanced with a collaborative community environment where professors actually teach undergraduate classes and champion your efforts as a student.

I came to Elon from southern New Jersey to study Communications.  Four years later I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and an emphasis in Management.  Five years after that, I completed my MBA at Elon.  My entire professional career has been spent at Elon – first as an admissions counselor followed by three years in University Advancement.  In November 1997 I returned to admissions where I served as Director of International Admissions for several years.  With experience in graduate admissions as well, I have been Dean since 2005.

Beyond serving my alma mater, I am passionate about my family (including our two dogs) our church and the St. Louis Cardinals! 

Let’s just say I’ve come to appreciate traveling the Mid West for many reasons….


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